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Hey lovely Soul,

happy welcome to YOUnique Art of Expression,

THE Mallorca-Retreat. For your voice, body and heart.

October 2023, 28th - 31st

Do you remember how much you loved to sing as a little girl? Maybe you also loved the cassette player with microphone. Until one day someone came and took away your joy of singing. Telling you that you should focus on what is “right” and study for school.

Your microphone disappeared in a drawer and you also let your voice get more and more quiet.​

Does this story sound familiar to you?! For you it just was hanging your dancing shoes hanging in the closet or you let your painting things gather dust?​

Oh girl, we see you and we want to change that.

Find the Beyoncé, Frida Kahlo or Dita in you with us and let them out.

Show yourself.

With everything that makes you who you are.

Try how that feels for you today.​

YOUnique Art of Expression is about YOU and HOW you want to bring yourself into the world.​


We created this retreat to enable you to do just that. And much more. You will dive deep and fly high to arrive in a new sense of serenity.

After the retreat you will be more relaxed in dealing with stressful situations.

In your head it will be calmer – less worries and thoughts there.

Your batteries will be recharged so that you are well prepared for the busy time before Christmas.

You’ll know your go-to tools when everyday life gets too much.

You’ll feel more balanced because you reintegrated singing, dancing or painting into your life.

So what are you waiting for?

Come and join us in Mallorca - in one of the most beautiful locations on the whole island.

We are so looking forward to seeing you!!!​

Love, Lisa & Lisa 💛


4 Days, in which you leave your everyday life behind

You will feel the extraordinarily relaxing energy of Mallorca in this unique spot on earth. For us, Casa Wald is the perfect place where you can take a break from your everyday life and enjoy time for yourself.

YAoE Yoga-min.jpg

4 Days, in which you explore and experience yourself

During the retreat you will realize what is inside you. Sing like you're Beyoncé at the Super Bowl, move and dance like nobody's watching, paint like Van Gogh being high on absinthe.

YAoE Palette-min.jpg

4 Days full of Creation und Connection

Come together with women in a circle and let the magic of connection happen. Experience connection in which women celebrate and empower each other - as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

That's included

  • daily chaning programme of Yoga, Body Flows, Breathwork

  • Voice- and Sing-Workshop

  • Painting-Workshop

  • Time for you - to unwind, to relax, to recharge

  • time with others - for conversations, for feasts, for connection

  • Pool, yoga terrace, Ritual tent und many (rest) oasis 

  • 4 days/ 3 nights

(Opening Circle on 28th Oct.: from 4 pm, 

Closing Circle on 31st Oct.:  until ~1 pm) 

  • Double room apartment with private terrace

(Single room available on request with extra charge)

  • fresh and healthy full board - farm to table


  • Tea and water from the house well with osmosis filter system for unlimited refilling of your drinking bottle

  • Goodies und suprises

Not included: flights, transfer from/to the airport (optionally bookable) - Casa Wald is about 35 minutes from the airport

Book a double room with your friend and save 47,- EUR per person with the code "BRINGAFRIEND"

YOUnique Art of Expression

will be 4 days for your

full of











That's us - Lisa & Lisa

Lisa has turned her vocation into profession and supports people in finding relaxation out of stress. Her "love blanket" aura, her sunny disposition and her natural charisma of deep calm are good for her. As an experienced trainer, yoga teacher and nervous system expert, her passion is to open powerful spaces for groups - online and offline. Creativity came already with the cradle of the sacred generator - paired with the individual, female expression, Lisa wants to bring this ability back into the world.​

Lisa und Lisa_retreat_final_small.jpg

Lisa's passion for music has been with her all her life - she sang even before she spoke as a child. Lisa has turned this passion into her profession and every day she looks forward to the enriching time with the children she teaches as a teacher. In order to bring music and the voice closer to adults as the powerful tools they are, Lisa hosts Mantra Circles in Vienna. Lisa's big heart not only beats for singing and music, but also for yoga, wild herbs, traveling and much more - just as it is usual for a manifesting generator.​


Get to know Lisa even better

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